Washoe County Commissioner
District 1


Elect Marsha Berkbigler

meet marsha berkbigler

It’s customary on campaign websites to tout your bio, accomplishments, experience — and I’ll do a little of that in a minute.


But first, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for dropping by my re-election website for Washoe County Commissioner, District 1.


You might be my biggest fan, ready to join the campaign. You might have my face on a dartboard, aiming for a fat bullseye. You might be undecided about the race. No matter where you land, thank you.


Thank you for caring enough about democracy to learn more about me and the most pressing issues facing Washoe County and its people.


I’ve been a Reno resident for 46 years. In a three-bedroom home where I still live, my late husband Jim and I raised seven children in a blended family, our very own “Brady Bunch.” Professionally, before becoming a Commissioner, I was a healthcare lobbyist, a consultant and a small business owner.


This election for the District 1 seat on the Washoe County Commission isn’t about any national political figures or their agendas — despite what some partisans would like you to believe.


This election is about how Washoe County will continue to provide and pay for the services its residents need and deserve during the pandemic.


Hard choices lie ahead like never before. I won’t pretend to have all the answers. But I’m committed to working with officials, stakeholders and the public on these tough, tough challenges we face.


Because it’s Your Voice. Your Washoe.


To some, incumbent is a dirty word. Right up there with professional politician or entrenched political interests. But there’s another side, a better side, to incumbency. And that’s experience.

Experience gives me the inside access, the juice, to tackle issues and problems that affect the people I represent. This access includes membership on commissions and boards that make decisions affecting everyday life, among them:

  • Washoe County Commission, District 1 (oversees county services and operations)
  • Washoe County District Board of Health (helps oversee response to COVID-19)
  • Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada (recruits new businesses)
  • Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (oversees environmental policy at Lake Tahoe)
  • Community Homelessness Advisory Board (advises on housing initiatives)
  • Tahoe Transportation District (helps create clean public transportation at Lake Tahoe)

My work on these bodies — including vital input from Washoe County residents — helps me understand and address the important issues that matter to you. Here are some of the things I’ll be fighting for if I have the honor of being re-elected to the Washoe County Commission, District 1:

  • Helping develop the County’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including clear-eyed budget decisions, regulatory relief for small businesses and housing for the homeless who are infected
  • Using Washington, D.C. contacts (yes, they come in handy) so the County receives its share of federal assistance, including money about to be awarded so County businesses can make small purchases like supplies or equipment
  • Ensuring approved developments incorporate affordable housing
  • Working with public and private partners so senior services like community centers and food assistance are maintained or fast-tracked, as needed, during the pandemic
  • Developing the Our Place campus in Reno to house and provide services for homeless women and children only, reducing assault, trafficking and theft
  • Creating a regional dispatch center to improve response time for emergency services, reduce costs and ensure all municipalities pay their fair share
  • Improving public transportation at Lake Tahoe to protect the environment
  • Exploring a cap on fees charged by third-party delivery services to bring people essentials like meals and groceries
And remember, you can always contact me at to share concerns, suggest ideas or simply let me know how I’m doing (good, bad or otherwise). It’s Your Voice. Your Washoe.